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My name is Linda Pate, and I am a psychotherapeutic counsellor based in Staffordshire. I offer adults counselling:


  • Online - anywhere within the United Kingdom

  • By phone - anywhere in the United Kingdom

  • In-person - at Middleport Medical Centre, ST6 3PN, Staffordshire

  • Using a blended approach - for anyone wishing to have a mix of online and in-person therapy


Like a lot of people, I have faced challenges in life and I have experienced counselling myself. This is why I became a counsellor and set up Mossy Cairn Counselling. I am passionate about helping people through the difficult periods in their lives, be that due to a painful life event, an emotional problem they are experiencing, or because they want to make changes to feel better.

My Counselling Approach

My counselling approach is pluralistic, which means I believe there is more than one way to help people. Because of this belief, I take a flexible approach to how I work with different clients, and I may integrate tools and strategies from different types of counselling (also known as 'modalities'), such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and solutions focused therapy. You can read more about types of counselling via this link: Types of counselling and psychotherapy ( 


The foundation of my pluralistic counselling approach is the person-centred approach, which means I believe my clients know themselves better than anyone else. Together we will explore your feelings, beliefs, behaviour, and existing resources, to help you work through the issues you are experiencing. I will listen to you without judgement and provided you with a safe and supportive space to work through the challenges you are facing and live more authentically and autonomously.

From this person-centred foundation, I ensure that my clients have choices within our therapeutic work. I will tailor how we work together, based on your needs and preferences, to help you reach your therapeutic goals.


I am currently taking new clients and have availability for Fridays during the day.



07359 455 709

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