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Summer Offer

30% Off for New Online & Phone Clients

For a limited time over the summer, I will be offering new clients the opportunity to experience online or phone counselling at a reduced rate.

During July and August 2023, clients who would like to begin online or phone counselling with me will receive a 30% discount for their first 6 sessions. The cost of individual counselling sessions is normally £50. With this special rate offer, sessions will cost £35 each. This means that 6 sessions, which would normally cost £300, will cost £210.

Having counselling remotely (online or by phone) can be more convenient if you:

  • have childcare or caring responsibilities over the summer that might make it harder for you to attend counselling in person.

  • live in a different location that would make travelling to sessions impractical or difficult.

  • need appointment flexibility.

  • would prefer to have sessions from the comfort of your own home.

See T&Cs below.

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Summer Offer Terms & Conditions

  • Anyone interested in this offer will be eligible for a free 30-minute introduction session with me before booking sessions.

  • The reduced rate of £35 per session is limited to the first 6 sessions for new online or phone counselling clients. In-person sessions are not included in this offer.

  • Clients do not have to have 6 sessions to take advantage of this offer, but they do need to begin counselling during July or August 2023 (inclusive).

  • Clients are not required to commit to having counselling when this offer finishes and the normal fee rate resumes (after 6 sessions or on 1 September 2023).

  • After new online or phone counselling clients have had 6 sessions, the usual fee rate of £50 per session will apply, if they choose to continue with counselling.

  • New clients wishing to take advantage of this opportunity to try counselling at a reduced rate must either have all 6 sessions during July and August 2023, or have paid for 6 sessions in advance within this period.


I am currently available to see new clients. Please get in touch to discuss next steps and arrange a free 30 minute introduction session.



07359 455 709

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